Phonorian Empire

A Nation of Faith

The Phonorian Empire, located on the eastern edge of the continent, is the largest and mightiest nation in Artesia. Founded by the human warlord, Phonor the Invincible, the Empire now includes subjects of all races.

The Emperor, descended from the House of Phonor, rules the Empire. His lieutenants, the Archons, exercise his will across his vast domains and answer only to him. Beneath the Archons are the viceroys and bureaucracy that handle the day-to-day administration of the Empire.

After the exodus of the gods, the people of Artesia had to seek other sources of magic. Some turned to the arcane. Others sought new gods amidst the stars or in the depths of the earth. The Phonorians turned to psionic magic. The Emperor is the source of their psionics, elevated to the Golden Throne through the rituals of the Imperial Cult, to become a conduit for psionic energy for his followers to call upon.

The Phonorians are characterized by their fervent devotion to their Emperor. Those who question Imperial authority within the Emperor’s domains is taken into custody for “re-education.” Through its embassies, the Phonorian Empire has been able to spread its influence, taking over entire kingdoms without ever drawing a sword.

The Phonorian military is led by the Archons. They have troops of every kind and vast fleets of airships. Hobgoblin mercenaries, hired from the subject kingdom of Hierokhan, form a distinct vanguard and goliath and dragonborn soldiers form the elite Imperial Phalanx.

Few nations dare to oppose the Phonorian Empire, and those that do often find themselves summarily surrounded and eliminated by the efficient, brutal Imperial war machine.

Phonorian Empire

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