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“You are not just mere men. You are heroes, leaders for the people to look to in times of despair. Have heart. The end may be coming, but we will make it an end worth remembering.”

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Last Prophecy is a grand campaign designed for level 1 – 30.

It is set in the world of Artesia, a fantastic land of floating cities, gleaming towers, and airships. But it is also a land fraught with peril and danger. Monsters lurk in the ruins of ancient castles and evil roams the lightless depths of the world below.

War is about to consume Artesia. The mighty, expansionist Phonorian Empire threatens to conquer its smaller neighbors. But the kingdom of Valeria, tiny and insignificant next to the power of the Phonorian Empire, will not bow easily. Though Valeria is small, her lords and her brave prince stand ready to fight.

They are encouraged by their hope in the Prophecy of the Seals, which they believe foretells the salvation of their kingdom. However, the prophecy is a double-edge sword – many forget that it also foretells the doom of all lands.

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Prologue The Invasion

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