Zael Acheris

Lord of Gildana


Zael is one of the lords of Valeria and a close friend to Prince Callistan. The royal court has recognized his bravery on the battlefield on more than one occasion, granting him the title Knight of the Crown.

His domain, Gildana, is on the eastern border of Valeria, bordering the Phonorian Empire. His vassals have known war for most of their lives, most of them experienced soldiers in their own right.

Though he can be brash and reckless, Zael possesses the qualities of a true leader. He leads by example, throwing himself into the conflict to inspire his followers, but has the cunning and presence of mind to exploit his enemies’ weaknesses.

Zael also truly cares for those under his command, and despite his aloofness and tendency to keep his thoughts to himself, he will open up to those he considers his friends.

Zael Acheris

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