Callistan Mercial

Heir of Valeria


The son of the elderly King Duristan, he is the celebrated heir to the throne. As Valeria’s prince, Callistan has taken a militarily opposed stance to Phonorian expansionism. He has reorganized the Valerian military, calling on his vassal lords to muster their troops. He has ordered Valeria’s airship fleet to be re-armed and the border forts to be manned.

Callistan’s actions have been praised by his generals and captains, but some of his ministers think that he is acting rashly, violating the oaths of peace his father had made to the Phonorian Empire. But the people celebrate him, glad that they have leader who will finally resist the Phonorian invasion.

He is idealistic, a visionary. The people love him, and he truly loves them back, but he knows if the Phonorian Empire is to be defeated, sacrifices have to be made. Callistan has great faith in the Prophecy of the Seals, believing that a True Seal will be the key to Valeria’s liberation.

Callistan is a skilled fighter, preferring to fight with a sword and shield, as he trained with the Knights of Valeria. He is brave and a charismatic leader; few of his vassals would disobey him frankly because they love him too much.

Callistan Mercial

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